JCC’s New Outdoor Kosher Cart, B’tayavon!, Fills Bellies and Gap in Dining Options

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For busy families and lunch patrons on the go, there’s one more reason to love summer at the Jewish Community Center. Now through October 6, the JCC is proud to announce its newest kosher enterprise, B’tayavon!—the JCC Kosher Food Cart.

Thanks to ECDI (Economic and Community Development Institute) and the Columbus Jewish Foundation who gave us use of the cart, the JCC will be serving kosher lunches once a week through the fall.

Kosher sandwiches like roast beef Phillies with all the fixings, tacos with three choices of salsa, and barbecue brisket are on the menu this summer for those who make the stop out to 1125 College Avenue. Parked right out front, the food cart is just one of many new offerings the JCC is introducing to the Jewish community this summer.

In addition to its expanded facility and fitness offerings, now hungry fans of Chef Toney’s famous kosher cooking can get their fix on a weekly basis, as the cart plans to open each Wednesday with a new feature to be grilled up fresh for every customer.

B’tayavon! first opened in front of the College Avenue JCC’s main entrance on July 3, providing deliciously filling and affordable kosher meals for everyone who craves them. The cart will be open once a week at lunchtime, mostly Wednesdays from 11 a.m.-1 p.m.

For $8-$10, each meal comes with a sandwich or entrée, a side, chips or another snack, and even includes diners’ choice of beverage. This week, hungry patrons enjoyed bbq beef brisket sandwiches and cole slaw.

Since its opening, the kosher meat cart, B’tayavon!, has served up its freshly grilled delicacies to crowds of ravenous fans. With few places around Columbus for the kosher community to find a quick bite outside the home, B’tayavon! has been a hit with its tasty, kosher offerings that diners won’t find anywhere else in Columbus.

Chef Toney and his kitchen hope to give diners a weekly surprise with a menu that takes traditional kosher sandwiches and such and gives them a fresh, flavorful edge.

The JCC invites the entire community to come see what’s new at the J this summer and fall, and enjoy all that it has to offer. Bon appétit, Columbus! B’tayavon! will be open until the JCC Family Funfest on October 6.

For more information on the JCC’s new kosher meat cart or kosher catering offerings, please contact Tina Rice at (614) 559-6276 or trice@columbusjcc.org.

This week Chef Toney Robinson, who plans all the meals for B’tayavon, celebrated his 13th year as Head of the JCC Kosher Kitchen.

This week Chef Toney Robinson, who plans all the meals for B’tayavon, celebrated his 13th year as Head of the JCC Kosher Kitchen.

Freshly Grilled Reubens are a Hit as JCC's new Outdoor Food Cart Makes it Debut on JCC's Front Lawn.

Freshly Grilled Reubens are a Hit as JCC’s new Outdoor Food Cart Makes it Debut on JCC’s Front Lawn.


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