Columbus BBYO Teens Earn Top Honors

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Columbus BBYO Teens Earn Top Honors at International Awards

The JCC is pleased to announce the Columbus chapter winners of the BBYO International Awards.

Halle Herman, of the Aliah BBG, won the Eternal Light Recruitment Award recognizing BBGs who have played a significant and lasting role in growing the membership of B’nai B’rith girls.

Greg Feinberg of the POPS DSK AZA won the Bronze Shield of David and Silver Shield of David which honor and celebrate Feinberg’s successes in fulfilling the duties of the Aleph Zadik Aleph. His duties included acting as an event coordinator, participating in an internationally sponsored AZA contest, and giving the experience of AZA to others through recruitment.

Sam Dolen, also of the POPS DSK AZA, won the Bronze Shield of David/Silver Shield of David/Tree of Life Recruitment Award. The Shield of David is one of the most historic and prestigious honors awarded to an Aleph and recognizes Alephs who throughout their tenure have displayed outstanding leadership contributions, a consistent commitment to the fraternity that is AZA, and have consistently participated across all tiers of the Order – Chapter, Council, Regionally and Globally.

Jake Davis, another member of POPS DSK AZA, won the Tree of Life Recruitment Award, an honor given to Alephs who have played a significant and lasting part in growing the Aleph Zadik Aleph. As a result of their efforts, they have contributed to the strengthening of our Order’s future. These young men leave a legacy in their Chapters, Councils, Regions and Countries – embracing a new generation to love, cherish and preserve the traditions of the Aleph Zadik Aleph and BBYO.

Hunter Cohn, of the Heart of Ohio AZA, also won the Bronze Shield of David and the Tree of Life Recruitment Award. The Heart of Ohio chapter #55 won the Henry Monsky Chapter Excellence Award, which is the most prestigious honor an AZA chapter can earn. It requires that the chapter represent high qualities in growing their membership, offering diverse and rich programming, and make consistent contributions to the initiatives and programs led by the International Order. Chapters selected for this honor are leaders of the global community.

Congratulations to all the 2014 BBYO International Award winners!

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