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Carol Folkerth
Executive Director 614-559-6223
Mike Klapper
Assistant Executive Director 614-559-6232
Louise Young
Finance Director 614-559-6216
Melanie Butter
Program Director 614-559-6233
Sharon Sadlowski
Accounting Supervisor 614-559-6221
Barry Starr
Network Administrator 614-559-6220
Valerie Lofton
Executive Assistant/Website Manager 614-559-6258
Sue Vail
Executive Assistant 614-559-6212

Human Resources

Pamela Andrews
Human Resources Director 614-559-6287
Diana Goggins
Payroll Specialist 614-559-6262

Facilities & Rentals

Matan Gutwaks
Catering & Rentals Manager 614-559-6276
Nancy Rosen
Hoover Resident Manager 614-559-6250

Early Childhood Services

Nikki Henry
Early Childhood Director 614-559-6290
Taryn Terwilliger
College Avenue ECS Program Director 614-559-6295
Leslie Rosen
College Avenue Infant Toddler Program Director 614-559-6289
Ellen Kozberg
JCC North ECS Director 614-764-2414
Linda Fischer
JCC North ECS Program Director 614-764-2414
Sheri Gittins
New Albany ECS Director 614-855-4885
Shara Reiss
Early Intervention Specialist 231-2731, ext. 363

Children, Youth, Teens & Camping

Halle Schwartz
Children, Youth, Teen & Camping Director; Yachad Coordinator 614-559-6279
Kaley Rosenthal
Kaleidoscope Coordinator 614-559-6253
Mark Moscardino
Teen Coordinator 614-559-6281
Carly Childress 
Birthday Party Coordinator, Administrative Assistant, Camp Registrar 614-559-6251

Sports & Wellness

Jeanna Brownlee
Sports and Wellness Director 614-559-6274
Jason Goggins
Fitness Director 614-559-6237
Beth McCullough
Assistant Fitness Director 614-559-6207
Chris Staten
Recreation Director 614-559-6286
Carlie Snyder
Group Exercise Coordinator 614-559-6219
David Holstein
Aquatics Director 614-559-6213

Senior Adults

Julie Wasserstrom
Senior Services Coordinator 614-559-6214

Outreach & Education

Becca Nitzberg
Outreach Director 614-559-6215

Cultural Arts

Jared Saltman
Gallery Players Managing and Artistic Director 614-559-6248
Emily Schuss
Columbus Jewish Film Festival Director 614-559-6205
Cheryl Dritz
Bookfair Coordinator 614-559-6238


Linda Starr
Member Services Director 614-559-6229
Janet Schwarz
Member Services Assistant 614-559-6227

Special Events & Fundraising

Sheila Cline
Special Events, Fundraising and Donor Relations Coordinator 614-559-6225

Marketing & Communications

Beth Binsky
Graphic Designer 614-559-6217
Mike Levison
Marketing Director 614-559-6280
Felicity Nesham-West
Lead Copywriter 614-559-6262

About the JCC

The JCC is a place that nurtures a passion for Jewish learning and living. Through its programs and services, the JCC provides an inviting Jewish Neighborhood and comfortable place to thrive. Hours: M-Th 5:30 am - 10 pm; Fri 5:30 am - 6 pm; Sat 1:30 - 6 pm; Sun 7 am - 7 pm

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