Visual Arts

Brightly colored paintings, hand-crafted quilts, stunning sculptures and intriguing photographs are just examples of the beautiful pieces of art on display throughout the year in the JCC’s Goldberg Gallery, located in the building’s lobby. Exhibits are free and open to the entire community.

Exhibits and artists are selected by the JCC’s Visual Arts Committee, chaired by Stacy Leeman and 4 -5 exhibitions are presented annually.  Most exhibits are mounted for a minimum of 1 month.  Exhibits are selected based on Jewish content and/or to highlight a Jewish artist.  Each new exhibition includes an artist reception to kick off the exhibit, allowing JCC members and interested community arts patrons the opportunity to meet the artist and learn more about their artistic process and creative goals.  Additionally, for some exhibiting artists, workshops, presentations to schools and synagogues, and interactive classes are included.

Current Exhibit

“3D Plus” by Hani Hara and Mark I. Rosen

On display through October 20th.  An artist reception will take place on September 18th at 6 pm in the JCC lobby. The reception is free and open to the public.

Artists’ Statements:

Mark Rosen – “I am in continuous pursuit of techniques that enable me to transform new and used metal into objects of art by defying the coarse, stiff nature of my materials.  Currently I am experimenting with an entirely different texture derived from the combination of metal, mesh wire and bonding compounds.  I have also found challenge and success in being able to cut and mold sheets of metal into pliable, realistic everyday items.  Seeing my large, heavy fish float gently in the wind on an outdoor mobile and surprising the viewer with my delicate pair of stiletto shoes are most satisfying.”

Hani Hara – Columbus artist Hani Hara has branched out a bit on this show by using objects to paint on. “I have always enjoyed painting on different surfaces and love every day objects being transformed with color.

Kitchen spoons, vases, found objects are being exhibited in this show. Hara also has 2 dimensional paintings as part of the show.

“I have known Mark Rosen and admired his work. We have discussed sharing a show for several years. I feel our work compliments each other’s and I am happy to show our work together.”

Hani has been active in the arts community. He has served on the board of the Ohio Art League and is currently serving on the board of the Arts & College Preparatory Academy. Hani just finished serving as the Visual Arts Chairman at the JCC.

His works have been exhibited throughout Central Ohio galleries.


Contact Melanie Butter, Program Director, at mbutter@columbusjcc.org for more information about this exhibit or future displays in the Goldberg Gallery of the JCC.

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