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Brightly colored paintings, hand-crafted quilts, stunning sculptures and intriguing photographs are just examples of the beautiful pieces of art on display throughout the year in the JCC’s Goldberg Gallery, located in the building’s lobby. Exhibits are free and open to the entire community.

Exhibits and artists are selected by the JCC’s Visual Arts Committee, chaired by Stacy Leeman and 4 -5 exhibitions are presented annually.  Most exhibits are mounted for a minimum of 1 month.  Exhibits are selected based on Jewish content and/or to highlight a Jewish artist.  Each new exhibition includes an artist reception to kick off the exhibit, allowing JCC members and interested community arts patrons the opportunity to meet the artist and learn more about their artistic process and creative goals.  Additionally, for some exhibiting artists, workshops, presentations to schools and synagogues, and interactive classes are included.

Contact Melanie Butter, Program Director, at mbutter@columbusjcc.org for more information about this exhibit or future displays in the Goldberg Gallery of the JCC.

The Israeli Quilts are coming back!

June 1st – July 31st

“Song of Songs #2″

Eti David - Into the Garden of Nuts 

Information from the artists:

Our creative group “Encounters” was established in 2009. It holds 16 Israeli Art Quilt artists.

Most of the members participate regularly in international exhibitions, travel abroad to participate in advanced workshops. All of us are independent and free spirited artists. We are members of the Israel Quilters Association.

As a group we strive to set common vision and goals and work together accordingly in preparation to show our works in exhibitions in Israel and abroad.

The JCC in Columbus, Ohio, has been kind enough to provide us with a wonderful opportunity to present our works. We were delighted to present in this accommodating venue, last year, our “Song of Songs #1″ display, which was very graciously received by the visiting audience.

This year we are proud to display our new exhibition called:

 “Song of Songs #2”.

The biblical book, which is also called Songs of Solomon, incorporates eternal love songs, vividly describing love, yearning and passion between lovers. Some interpreters suggest that the poems narrate love between God and his People. Many of the poetic beautiful verses were composed and became part of the Israeli modern musical scene.

Each artist has selected a line which served as an inspiration for her personal work. In most cases, the messages of the chosen line could be found in the quilt, either figuratively or in an abstract manner.

We are all proud to be art quilters, who work with a variety of textiles and techniques.  Among those one can discern unique models of piecing, fusing, appliqué, painting, printing and dyeing. All those are designed to achieve harmonious visual effects that transcend cultures and time. For each of us, expressing her personal creative spirit is as significant as creating an open dialogue with the viewer.

We highly appreciate JCC’s kind hospitality and look forward to return in the future.

This show was exhibited in:

JCC Columbus, OH (2014) song of songs #1,

 Holland, Veldhoren (2014) Song of Songs #1 & #2

 Jerusalem, Israel (2015). #1 & #2

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