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Welcome to the 11th Annual Columbus Jewish Film Festival!

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Jonathan Pryce, Lacey Schwartz, Nancy Spielberg and Gayle Kirschenbaum are some of the big names on screen and in person that will light up our screens. The films you will see represent the works of a group of outstanding producers and directors from many countries including the United States, Israel, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Hungry, Argentina and Uruguay. These films provide a unique window into Jewish themes and values, explore Jewish identity and present the richness of Jewish culture relative to a diverse modern world. Through the growth of the festival both in the diversity of films offered, we will strengthen our position that continues to entertain, to provoke discussion, and to provide experiences that engage both mind and heart. We hope that our festival will help bridge cultural and religious differences and contribute to solidarity and peace within our greater community.

Cinephiles will be treated to riveting acclaimed dramas, powerful documentaries, light-hearted comedies – all are Columbus premieres! This year’s selections express hope and possibility (Once In A Lifetime), through challenging our horizons (Apples from the Desert), through the power of knowing our intimate history (God’s Slave/The Lady in Number 6) through developing bonds of identity and friendship (To Life) via pure spunk and determination for good (Dough) to seeking renewal in family relationships (Look at Us Now, Mother) and through courage and loyalty against great odds (Above and Beyond). This is just a small sampling of the films on tap.

Heartfelt thanks and appreciation go to our sponsors whose unwavering support has helped us become one of the most well-respected Jewish film fests on the circuit. The generosity of our community partners, financial supporters, venue sponsors and in-kind donors allow us to present a festival worthy of you, our loyal audience. We are grateful to our dedicated steering committee members, volunteers and the JCC staff who flawlessly help us stage this fine event. Emily Schuss, the film festival director, who kept us and the entire committee on track, on time, and on focus-thank you. Your past and present generosity of time, commitment and resources allow us to look forward to an outstanding 2015 Festival and to our continuing future success.

We hope you will join us often on another cinematic journey that will inspire and enlighten, make us laugh, bring tears to our eyes and above all, bind us through the power of an energizing, shared aesthetic experience. Food and insightful programs with special guests create an unforgettable two weeks of international Jewish storytelling.

See you at the movies!

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Jody Altschule and Carol Handler Festival Chairs

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