Letter From The Chairs

10th Annual Columbus Jewish Film Festival - November 2-16, 2014

Film Fest co-chairs, Linda Katz(left) and Jody Altschule

Dear Friends,

Happy Tenth Anniversary to us all! It’s fun to think back across the years of this wonderful Columbus Jewish Film Festival, appreciating our founders, Marjie Coopersmith, Gigi Fried and Melva Schottenstein, of blessed memory, and remembering our favorites among all the stellar movies we have shown and seen. We hope you enjoy picking out the films you recognize from the last ten years that are featured on the cover of this anniversary edition of our Program Book.

What a pleasure it is for us to co-chair the Columbus Jewish Film Festival!  It’s truly an honor to be able to help create what we know will be another memorable Festival.  We have enjoyed working with our wonderful Steering Committee to select this year’s lineup of films, although it wasn’t easy making final selections from the terrific films that were available this season.  This year, we are delighted to be able to bring you 13 outstanding films, both documentaries and features, knowing you’ll want to see them all.

A wide variety of plots and subjects includes a peek at Jerusalem’s criminal underworld, as a bartender/artist gets embroiled in a mystery; a historically-based drama about a Polish Jewish boy who converts to Catholicism and becomes a cardinal, and yet all is not so simple; a soldier who trades a guaranteed place in heaven for an omelet, but comes to regret it when many years later he is on his deathbed; a true thriller about the kidnapping of a Jewish boy by a group of thugs in Paris; a look at Sophie Tucker’s audacious 60-year career; and more!

Most likely you didn’t know that an unlikely group of people – Jews, Catholics and Protestants – including Cincinnati cigar-makers named Frieder, Manuel Quezon, first President of the Philippines, U.S. High Commissioner Paul McNutt and an army colonel named Dwight Eisenhower, helped 1,300 Jews escape the Nazis and immigrate to the Philippines. You won’t want to miss “Rescue in the Philippines: Refuge from the Holocaust.”

You’ll be glad to see a lighter French film, called “It Happened in St Tropez.” The movie opens with a wedding and a funeral, and goes on to include domestic entanglements, romance and disaster!

Please join us for high quality, first-run cinema, beautiful opening and closing night receptions, a double feature with optional box dinner, an authentic New York style Kosher brunch and inspiring programs that will fascinate and educate you.  Please check out the Festival lineup in this program and the Order Form at the back for more details. We guarantee you’ll get more than your money’s worth during this exciting tenth anniversary of our beloved Columbus Jewish Film Festival!

See you at the movies!

Linda Katz & Jody Altschule
Festival Chairs

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