Massage Therapy

Ease your body and mind.

Reduce stress, relieve pain and sleep better. The JCC now offers the benefits of massage therapy to members.

The JCC has several highly qualified male and female massage therapists trained in all techniques, such as Swedish Massage, Neuromuscular-Myofascial Therapy, and Trigger Point and Pre-Natal Massage. A 30-minute session starts at $43 for Health Center members ($53 for general members) and discounts apply when you purchase a package of 10 sessions. (Note: All massage packages expire one year from purchase date.)

Make a massage appointment today by calling (614) 559-6274 or visit our online scheduler and program registration page.

JCC Online Scheduler and Program Registration Page


Meet our JCC Massage Therapists

Lisa Adams

Lisa Adams, LMT, graduated with honors from the American Institute of Alternative Medicine in 2006, and is licensed by the State of Ohio Medical Board. She offers an integrative style of massage that incorporates deep tissue, myofascial release, and Swedish. She is certified in Pre and Post-Natal massage through Elizabeth Blackwell Center at Riverside Hospital and is learning more about the effects of Fibromyalgia this year.

Tom Saltsman

Tom Saltsman was licensed in massage therapy in 1994 and has been practicing at the JCC ever since. You can receive therapy for the muscular and skeletal systems for injury prevention or resolution. Problems can include Fybromyalgia, TMJ, Tunnel Syndrome and different traumas of the Cervical, Lumbar area and Shoulder Grids.

Connie Walker

Connie Walker attended the American Institute of Alternative Medicine and was licensed by the state medical board in 2003. She is trained in neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release techniques and traditional Swedish massage. With a background in exercise physiology and rehabilitation, she has extensive knowledge and understanding of the musculoskeletal system and therapeutic techniques.

Robert Schwartzwalder

Through Robert’s eight years as a Massage Therapist, he has worked in several Spa Facilities in Ohio and Florida.  His strengths are therapeutic, deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, relaxation, and sports massage.  He is state certified in Ohio and Florida.

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