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aquatic fitness classes

All ages and fitness levels can benefit from aquatic exercise. While the water will protect and lessen impact on the joints, the water also surrounds the body with constant resistance to build strength, endurance, and increase flexibility. Jump in and join us! The pool is for everyone!

The JCC offers aquatic fitness classes — both deep and shallow water workouts — for a variety of fitness levels and to those with specialized conditions. Classes are free to all members. Specialty classes may be offered throughout the year for an additional fee. In addition, personal training sessions and rehabilitation opportunities are available by appointment.

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Aquatic Fitness Classes

Each class listed below contains a description as well as the fitness level that is targeted. Although swimming skills are not required to participate in classes, individuals attending should feel comfortable in the water. For more information regarding the class description or personal ability levels, contact David Holstein at (614) 231-6213 or

Basic Moves (all levels)

A shallow water class designed to meet the needs of a variety of fitness levels.  Although this class is taught in the shallow area, participants may adjust their impact by moving to deeper water.  All the components of exercise strength, endurance, flexibility, and cardiovascular will be met in this class by focusing on balance, coordination, speed, power, and agility.  A fun class for all!

Deep and Shallow Combo Class (intermediate to advance)

Explore the options of the aquatic environment with the best of both ends of the pool.  Participants will use the deep water to increase strength and flexibility by targeting the large muscle groups of the body, while also obtaining a great cardio workout.  To add variety and keep things challenging, the shallow area will also be used for additional strengthening that will focus on the upper body.  Interval and circuit work may be a part of this class too.  Buoyancy belts will be used as well as other equipment options.  Class participants must be comfortable in deep water.

Deep Water Basics (all levels, geared toward intermediate)

A no impact workout held in the deep end of the pool.  Buoyancy belts will provide flotation to allow for free movement of the arms and legs.  Get your cardiovascular workout as well as muscle conditioning and flexibility all in one class.  Portions of the class may be in the shallow area so that specific equipment options can be explored.

Hydro-Power Deep (intermediate to advance)

Come experience the ultimate, no impact workout held in the deep water!  This class will be an intense cardio workout utilizing the natural properties of the water to increase strength, endurance, and flexibility.  Buoyancy belts will be used to allow free movement of the arms and legs.  Cardiovascular conditioning will be emphasized while the entire body is strengthened and core stabilization is targeted.  Give this class a try and see what an intense workout you can get in the pool.  Great for cross-training or to add variety to your workout routine!!

Arthritis (all levels)

Developed by the Arthritis Foundation, this class will provide an opportunity for those with arthritis to participate in a group exercise program in the pool.  Movements are designed to improve and maintain joint flexibility while decreasing pain and joint stiffness.  Participants may also notice an increase in muscular strength and endurance and improved coordination which will assist individuals in their ability to perform daily tasks.

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