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Are you bored with your fitness regimen?
Have you reached a plateau?
Do you need motivation to stick with your fitness routine?

According to Prevention magazine, investing in a personal trainer pays off. An expert can instill a sense of confidence and positively impact your workouts. JCC Personal Trainers are nationally certified professionals who will custom design a program that works with your lifestyle and interests.

Your JCC personal trainer will:

  • Develop effective and time efficient workouts customized to fit your goals
  • Routinely change your program to help you achieve the maximum fitness benefit
  • Ensure that you’re using safe and proper exercise techniques.

Want to workout with a trainer in a fun and cost effective way? Try personal training with a partner or a small groups – get the same great workout at a fraction of the cost of individual personal training.

For more information on personal training, call Jason Goggins at (614) 559-6237.

New Client Discount!

If you’re a JCC member who has never trained at the JCC, try it out today with this great offer — get three Personal Training sessions for only $99. Vouchers are available from the Membership Office. To schedule a Fitness Assessment, call Jason Goggins at (614) 559-6237.

Meet our Personal Trainers

Jason Goggins  -  Fitness Director

USAW Certified Level 1 Sports Performance Coach



Beth McCullough  -  Fitness Program Director




Bobbi Sue Cornwell   -  Personal Trainer




Mike Donham   -  Personal Trainer




Bobbi Lohiser   -  Personal Trainer




Carlie Snyder   -  Personal Trainer

BS, AFAA, USAW, Bender Pilates Certification



Connie Walker  -  Aquatics Personal Trainer

BS, Certified Water Safety Instructor


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