For a new and different approach to training for foot races, or just for a fun hike in the woods, visit the new addition to the JCC grounds, just behind the baseball diamond. This newly constructed half-mile trail took 8 weeks to complete, but won’t take you that long to run, walk, or use for training purposes.

After clearing away brush and branches and carving out the path itself, Fitness Director Jason Goggins filmed this video: http://youtu.be/pOVYUkjU6do to show you how accessible and beautiful the new trail is. Enjoy looking for deer, rabbits, and foxes in the woods with your family during a casual nature walk, or use the trail to build a more dynamic workout.

The additional outdoor space was designed to be multi-functional and Goggins hopes to add on to the trail with obstacles and a paved section. In the future the JCC plans to use the trail for 5K races, boot camp classes, and more! Volunteers are needed to help clean up trash and discarded items along the trail. Contact Jason Goggins with questions or to take a tour of the new trail at jgoggins@columbusjcc.org or by calling 559-6237!

The idea for the trail came out of the Spartan Race training. While training for the nationally recognized obstacle course race, Goggins thought, “Why not make use of all the beautiful space right in our own backyard and build a trail?”Diamond Trio

Part of the Spartan Race training included building and utilizing the trail, and the hard work paid off. Congratulations to JCC Personal Trainer Andrew Yoder, JCC Member Kate Garrison, and JCC Fitness Director Jason Goggins, who each recently finished in the top 10% of all racers in the Spartan Race! Andrew Yoder placed second overall and Jason Goggins earned a fifth place finish, while Kate Garrison was the 21st female to complete the obstacle course race, out of 1,600 total racers!Kate3

Together, the athletes pushed themselves for the competition during an endurance-building 6-week JCC training program, proving that working out with the JCC can pay off in a big way! Schedule your personal training session today and see real results, too!