And the Award Goes to… The JCC of Greater Columbus

JCCs of North America New Orleans Biennial 2012

The 2012 JCC Association Biennial Excellence Awards were announced last week which honored JCCs for their exceptional achievements. The winners represent impressive ideas in programming, service, and marketing. The JCC of Greater Columbus was recognized for outstanding work accomplished and received two awards, maintaining financial sustainability and growth and programmatic excellence and user engagement.

The Kol Ha Kavod award for maintaining financial sustainability and growth was awarded due to the initiative which began in the spring of 2009. A group of JCC leaders, led by former Board President Jeff Meyer and current Board Treasurer Ben Zacks, created the Resource Development Team (RDT) in order to develop initiatives that would financially sustain the JCC into the future and lessen reliance on outside funders. The resulting impact team is chaired by JCC Vice President Karen Shore-Meyer. The initiative was funded by a grant from the Columbus Jewish Foundation. Kol Ha Kavod awards are presented for exemplary initiatives that can be replicated by other JCCs.

The Zahav award for programmatic excellence and user engagement award shouldn’t come as a surprise to those who frequent the JCC. The JCC Book Fair False Friends program was created to build a more just and compassionate community. As part of the False Friends program, best-selling novelist Myla Goldberg and national expert on youth bullying Rosalind Wiseman presented a community program on the dynamics of bullying among youth. Susan Steinman, JCC Board of Trustees member, moderated a community discussion about strategies for parents, teachers, leaders, and the entire community to create an environment of respect. Thanks to generous support from Mattrix Psychological Services, more than 200 people attended; both teens and adults. Zahav awards are presented to truly outstanding, visionary initiatives with maximum impact or potential for change.

Robin Ballin, Sr. Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer stated that the challenges JCCs face make it more important to raise the bar and redesign the awards to mirror paths of excellence. The JCC of Greater Columbus used these new standards and became innovative and successful. The JCC of Greater Columbus had two of 266 entries across all categories.

The Zahav and Kol Ha Kavod Award Winners will be displayed at the JCCs of North America Biennial in New Orleans this May 6-9th. For more information go to http://biennial.jcca.org/awards/jcc-excellence-awards/.