Announcing: The Scheer Family Gallery Players Theater Fund

The Scheer Family Gallery Players Theater Fund

A new JCC name fund has been established by long-time Gallery Players patrons and members Pam and Ira Scheer to provide maintenance and upkeep of the Roth/Resler Theater. The Scheer Family Gallery Players Theater Fund will help acquire equipment and provide repairs and updates to the theater.

The couple’s desire to establish this fund stems from a long and personally important history with the JCC and Gallery Players. Pam first became involved with the JCC when asked to stage manage a show in the 1970s. She earned a degree in theater from Bowling Green State University and became active in the theater scene in Columbus.

“I had a friend who was directing Spoon River Anthology for Harold Eisenstein with Gallery Players (in 1974) and he asked me to stage manage. I developed a relationship with Harold and began stage managing two shows a year,” Pam said, “A few years later, in the spring of 1978, the young man who had been running sound for Gallery players was moving to California and we needed to replace him.”

“And, so,” Ira interjects with a smile, “I got a call asking if I was available to run sound. I said sure, but you’ll need to tell me where. Strangely enough, I knew nothing about the east side of Columbus or the JCC. I got directions and everything and that was my start with Gallery Players and also my introduction to Pam.”

“The man that moved to California?” Pam laughs, “That was Michael Feinstein. So I say Michael Feinstein brought us together.”

The couple met through their work with Gallery Players and have been married for nearly 35 years. After the new JCC building was completed in 1983, they were the first couple to get married at the JCC. They live in Bexley and have participated in Gallery Players as stage managers, actors, producers, and more recently as patrons for more than 40 years.

They have two daughters, Laura and Jessica, who attended the JCC preschool and participated in Gallery Players productions as children. Both of their daughters appeared in productions of Fiddler on the Roof at the JCC– but not at the same time. Since starting their work with Gallery Players 40-some years ago, the Scheers have only missed one production due to travel.

“The JCC has become a central part of our lives,” Pam said, “Our children grew up here, and we have spent so much time involved with Gallery Players.”

Because of their experience working behind the scenes, they Scheers wanted to establish a fund that would specifically help Gallery Players purchase equipment and up-to-date technology.

“The theater is now 35 years old and some of the technology in the theater is original,” Pam said, “We want to create a fund to help renovate the theater and keep it current. Now whenever Gallery Players needs 500 feet of cable or new headsets, there’s a place to fund them.”

“We decided to establish the fund so that other people can contribute to it,” Ira said.

“There are people out there who have enjoyed Gallery Players and have spent time in the theater and want to remember the good times and give back and here is a way to do it.” Pam said.

Patrons and community members can contribute to The Scheer Family Gallery Players Theater Fund directly through the JCC.

For more information or donations, contact Sheila Cline at scline@columbusjcc.org