Pandemic in Pictures: Truth, Tragedy & Triumph

Join us in creating a photographic mosaic to document our community’s experience during an unprecedented year, one moment at a time.

Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic our Jewish Community was on a journey that we each experienced differently. From isolation to togetherness, from pain to joy, our goal and hope is to document each unique experience in the form of a collective work of art that can be shared with the community. The responsibility is ours to share these unprecedented moments in time with our community today and future generations to come.

Please join us as we embark on documenting the COVID-19 Pandemic by sharing your photos and moments in time, that represent your experience during the pandemic. Your pictures will be used to create a permanent photographic mosaic art installation that will be on view at the Columbus JCC.

Submission Criteria

• Submit any photo from a moment in time during the Pandemic. Multiple photos are welcome.
• Photos may include people, objects, and experiences.
• Pictures should be a representation of the pandemic to you.

The deadline for photo submission is May 31st.

How to Submit

or email your pictures via email to: If you are emailing your pictures, please include names if there are any people in the images.

Questions about submission of photos?
Contact Rachel Flenner at or (614) 559-6280

Disclaimer: By submitting a photo, you are giving the JCC and its proxies expressed permission to use the photo in this project or in any other way without request for compensation. In addition, the JCC reserves the right not to use any photos that are deemed inappropriate or not consistent with JCC values.