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BBYO End of Year Awards

Columbus BBYO celebrated an amazing year.  In presenting the BBYO awards, Mark Moscardino, BBYO director said, “Each of the three chapters celebrated an outstanding year in programming and leadership, and a love for BBYO.”

Heart of Ohio AZA raised chapter funds with their annual TOGA weekend as well as experienced Pesach in their own fun way through a teenage-chocolate Seder.  Pops DSK has had a very successful year recruiting 8th graders, as well as selling their sweatshirts and T-shirts to raise chapter funds. Aliah BBG has grown almost 30% in size due to an amazing class of incoming 9th graders, and highlighted their always-solid programming with a six-fold sleepover.

To end the year, BBYO annually selects two seniors as AZA and BBG of the year.  This award is based on their participation, influence and overall experience in BBYO.  This year, BBG of the year was awarded Gabby Kahn of Aliah BBG and a student at New Albany High School.  Jacob Honick, a student of Gahanna Lincoln High School, and a member of Pops DSK AZA, was awarded AZA of the Year.

In presenting the awards, Moscardino said, “Gabby’s influence over the new classes of 8th and 9th graders is apparent in every program they hold. Gabby always has a smile on her face, and offers guidance to all the younger members.”  He added, “Jacob has been a leader through his four years with BBYO, and his chapter POPS has grown immensely because of it.”

Another award presented annually is the Saul Sokol Award, given on behalf of Philis and Saul Sokol.

The award is given to a senior student who has shown thorough dedication to chapter, region and self throughout their four years of BBYO. This year’s award recipient was Max Agranoff, a senior at Gahanna Lincoln, and a member of POPS DSK AZA.  “Max is well deserving of this award,” said Moscardino.  “He has spent four years holding numerous chapter positions, including a two-term presidency of POPS.  Max also served as Regional Aleph S’gan for KIO, and maintained his attachment to his chapter throughout.”

Moscardino ended the BBYO awards by thanking all of the chapters and BBYO members stating, “Congratulations to all the 2014 BBYO Award recipients, and each and every Columbus BBYO member for their incredible year!”