Columbus Jewish Film Festival

2019 AES Short Film Competition

Filmmakers of all backgrounds are invited to submit a short film in any genre relating to Judaism, Jewish culture or history, the Jewish experience, or other Jewish themes. Total prize package of up to $2500 including a grand prize of $1500 to be awarded during the Columbus Jewish Film Festival Nov. 3-17, 2019. Films may be of any genre/format (documentary, narrative, animated, etc.) with length of 4-12 minutes including credits. $10 entry fee per film, up to two submissions per applicant.

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Press Release

November 3-17, 2019
Two Weeks of Award-Winning,
International and Independent Film

The Columbus Jewish Film Festival invites you to join us on a two-week cinematic journey … a kaleidoscope of comedies, dramas and documentaries exploring the global Jewish experience with stories of joy and celebration, love and loss, tolerance and activism, ethics and history.

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