Columbus Jewish Film Festival

November 4-19, 2018
Two Weeks of Award-Winning,
International and Independent Film

The Columbus Jewish Film Festival invites you to join us on a two-week cinematic journey … a kaleidoscope of comedies, dramas and documentaries exploring the global Jewish experience with stories of joy and celebration, love and loss, tolerance and activism, ethics and history.

Be inspired, educated and entertained!


AES Short Film Competition

Frank Itai Joseph

Bashert is the dreamlike story of a young man’s struggle to navigate opposing relationships: that with his mystical girlfriend and that with the Creator of the Universe. The psychic drama occurs between heaven and earth, thought and feeling, Torah and nature. As each relationship progresses, the young man is forced to choose one over the other in a single moment … or so he thinks.

Growing up in Zanesville, Ohio, Frank Itai Joseph attended Columbus Jewish Day School and Columbus Torah Academy until high school and recalls, “My parents were very supportive of my exploration in the arts, and I painted and drew frequently as a child. At age 11, upon dabbling with video in summer camp, I was captivated by the interplay between moving image and sound. Since then, I have been creating short films, trailers, and more recently, marketing videos.” Mr. Joseph studied film at Northwestern University, and spent time in Jerusalem in the following years. His work has been featured on US and Israeli TV, festivals, and VEVO.


Moshe’s Yom Kippur War Story
Yoni Mizrachi

Moshe’s Yom Kippur War Story is the poignant recollection of a moment frozen forever in time as a result of the cruel hand that war often deals. The narration by an Israeli Defense Force veteran poignantly evokes pathos of an event that has had a lasting impact on his life.

Yoni Mizrachi is a multimedia artist born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, who uses video, animation, and sound to investigate the connection between nature, humans, and technology. His work explores a hybridization of human-made and natural spaces as well as combining physical and digital methods in the creation of his work. His deep love and connection to Israel serves as a source of inspiration and a means to connect to his roots.


Jokes From My Father
Adam Levine

Jokes From My Father, follows Adam as he goes through the ups and downs of stand up comedy in Chicago. While Adam’s father encourages his career in comedy rather than more traditional fields like law or medicine, this filmmaker notes “the same type of Jewish excellence paternal pressure remains.” Of his work in stand up, Adam says he “explores Judaism, his relationship with his parents, his philosophy degree and how good of a job Trump is doing in office.”

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