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Erkis Berliner Scholar Athlete Award

2019 Teen Awards Night

Tuesday | May 14th | 7PM

Erkis/Berliner Jewish Scholar Athlete Award
Application Deadline Wednesday, April 26 • 5:00PM

Cole Essay Contest
Application Deadline Wednesday, April 17 • 5:00PM

Hakvod Goldsmith Award
Application Deadline Wednesday, April 17 • 5:00PM

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Don Erkis & Lou Berliner
High School Jewish Scholar/Athlete Award

This award remembers two outstanding community leaders who had a love and respect for young people and a vision about the importance of becoming the leaders of the future.

Their vision: that scholastically strong and athletically gifted young people would use their skills, proven in competition and in the classroom, to become the leaders of their generation. They carry our hopes for a better tomorrow.

Don Erkis

Don was an East High School graduate where he was a three-sport letterman in football, basketball and baseball. After high school, he signed a professional baseball contract with the St. Louis Cardinals and played with them until work in the family business called him home. Starting in 1930, he played softball at least two nights a week at the JCC. Don was voted Most Valuable Player in the JCC Sunday Morning Softball League in 1944 and again in 1978 at the age of 60 in the AK League. He won the Grossinger’s Pro Amateur Golf Championship in 1960 and the JCC’s Racquetball Master Division in 1980. Don was also instrumental in the development of youth sports at the JCC. He was responsible for the first little league baseball team and the first youth basketball competitive league. Until his death in 1983, Don was actively involved as a player in JCC basketball, baseball, softball and racquetball.

Lou Berliner

Lou was a Columbus Dispatch sports writer from 1931 to 1975, covering high school and amateur athletics, and widely known and respected throughout the state for his work. He was an active participant in the Top Sunday Morning Softball League for 23 years. In 1966 Lou received the Milo Roc Mendel award. He received the Agudas Achim Brotherhood “Flowers for the Living” award in 1968 and the Agonis Club “Flowers of the Living” award in 1973. Lou was involved in community service through his work with Charity Newsies, United Jewish Fund, and Bonds for Israel, and served as President of Agudas Achim Brotherhood. He also served as Co-Chairman of the Agonis Club Athlete’s Scholar Award. The Berliner Sports Park in Columbus, which includes the largest softball complex in the United States, was dedicated to Lou in 1985.

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