Frequently Asked Questions 

The JCC was among the first to close when the COVID-19 crisis began. What has led to the decision to reopen while concerns about the spread of infection remain? 

These are unprecedented times and every decision is difficult, as health experts confirm that COVID-19’s ongoing presence demands that we adapt to a new normal for the foreseeable future. Our mission is to serve the needs of our members and the community, including parents who are struggling to balance work and child care responsibilities as more businesses reopen in Ohio. This will not be business as usual for the JCC by any means. The JCC is committed to ensure strict compliance with State of Ohio and CDC guidelines by both staff and those who use our services and employing a gradual, deliberate approach that enables us to adapt quickly.  

What are you doing to prepare for a safe reopening of select programs in June? 

The leaders of each service area within the JCC are reviewing and revising operating procedures for staff and members to reflect State of Ohio, CDC and local guidelines, as well as available best practices. Staff will be trained and communications on procedures and policies will be provided to members / users prior to reopening.  

Will access to all services and facilities of the JCC resume in June? 

No. Only services authorized by Governor DeWine will begin the process of reopening in June. To reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread, not all services and facilities within these operations will be available. For example, while fitness equipment may be accessible to a limited number of individual users, that will be following strict social distancing and sanitation procedures. Facilities such as locker rooms, showers and spa areas will remain closed and group classes will not be offered. This will not be business as usual. The resumption of each service will be completed in phases, with limited access, to ensure we are able to test procedures in practice and make adjustments, as needed. 

When will Gallery Players, special events and classes resume? 

Given the challenges of ensuring social distancing compliance, these types of group services and programs will remain closed until further notice. We will continue to offer and expand the Virtual J, which allows members and the community to engage online.  

Will you continue to offer the Virtual J? 

Absolutely. Staying at home is still the safest way to protect against the virus. Only a small portion of the facility-based services of the JCC will be available to those who require or choose to use them, operating hours will be reduced and occupancy restrictions will limit the number of members and staff that can safely be in the building at any given time. The Virtual J will remain a critical and growing offering as the JCC seeks new ways to provide value to our members and the community. 

How will you protect staff, particularly vulnerable individuals? 

Personal protective equipment (PPE), such as masks, will be provided to and required for all staff. In addition, procedures will require frequent sanitation of public areas, handwashing upon arrival, throughout the day and before leaving. Common areas and multi-user equipment, such as coffee machines and refrigerators, will not be available. Staff will be educated and trained on safe operating procedures prior to the opening of each area. Discussions regarding the risks to any staff who are, or frequently interact with someone who is, part of a vulnerable population, will occur with each staff member prior to returning to work.  

Will you continue to pay staff who refuse to return to work due to safety concerns? 

The JCC has continued to pay 20+ hour staff during the shutdown, leveraging all available resources including operating cash, generous donations by members and community organizations like JewishColumbus, grants and the CARES Act PPP loan. We are incredibly thankful for the generosity of our incredible donors and programs that have allowed us to continue to support all of our employees throughout this difficult time. As we move forward, our policies will be consistent with State of Ohio employment laws.  

How will you protect members and program participants, particularly vulnerable individuals? 

Our operating procedures will comply with State of Ohio and CDC guidance. Communications regarding safe participation expectations for program or service participants, including warnings to not utilize services if a member or guest is, or frequently interacts with someone who is, part of a vulnerable population.  

Will members and guests be required to wear masks and comply with safety procedures? 

Yes. The JCC is a private institution serving vulnerable populations, including elderly and children. It is our belief that we are all in this together and safety practices should reflect our common humanity responsibilities as an organization and individuals. We understand that some may consider this a violation of individual rights and will respect their decisions to not utilize our services.  

When will my dues payments resume? 

Members are receiving the month of June for free as a thank you for your patience during this time.  Monthly paying members will not be charged and annual paying members will have their renewal date extended.  Payments will resume July 1st.  Health Club fees will not be charged until we are able to reopen those safely. 

How do I sign up for a reservation timeslot? 

Use the MINDBODY app on a smart phone or visit https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/ and login using the email that we have on file for you at the JCC.  You can also call the front desk at 614.231.2731 and they can help you. 

When will the JCC adjust hours of operation? 

Our current hours will be in place until June 28th.  As we evaluate usage and how the members are adapting to the new procedures and protocols, we will determine if we can extend our operating hours. 


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