CJFF Film Screening Q & A


In order to have the best viewing experience possible, we have compiled some tips and info for you:

Where to watch?

You have been sent virtual tickets to the films you’ve purchased or received as part of your support of the JCC. You will even be sent a reminder email about 10 minutes before the viewing windows open for each of the films!

Films can be viewed on your computer, ipad/tablet, or television.

*Even during Q&A sessions, WE cannot see YOU…so bring on the pajamas and watch in comfort!

How to watch?

COMPUTER OR IPAD/TABLET – Simply click on the email with your ticket information and you will arrive at the Eventive watch site. The first time you go to the site you may be asked to create a password. You get to make this up on your own. Whenever a viewing window opens for a film you have purchased, you will be able to press play and watch your film.

*It is possible to connect your computer to your television with an HDMI cord and stream to a larger screen.
*If your television is “air play” compatible, it is possible to connect your iPad to your television through Air Play.

Because all computers, iPads, and televisions have different software and updates, please test this out BEFORE your film begins to avoid frustration.

TELEVISION – There are several ways to watch Opening Night on your television.

1. Connect via HDMI or Air Play (above)
2. Do you have a Roku or Apple TV (v.4 or higher)?

  • Search for the Eventive app and download
  • You will receive a number code on your TV screen.
  • From another device (computer, phone, or tablet) – go to eventive.org/tv and enter the code shown on your television screen. This is how you “unlock” your app and connect it to your account. When the viewing window is open, your content will be available for play.
  • Make sure you login with the email address that the tickets were sent to.

3. Do you have a Smart TV? On your browser, enter watch.eventive.org/cjff and voila! Our film catalog appears!

*Q&A sessions must be watched from a computer or iPad/tablet. The Q&A session is LIVE and will not stream through a television.
Once on your computer or iPad, navigate to cjff.eventive.org and click on the movie that the Q&A is associated with.  You’ll see the link for the Q&A session there.

Because all televisions have different manufacturers and software, please test this out BEFORE your film begins to avoid frustration.


If you are having trouble:

1. Make sure you are signing in with the same email address that your tickets came to.

2. If you still can’t login, try to reset your password and re-login.

3. Are you sure you are in the correct screening window?

4. Have you checked https://help.eventive.org/en/ for your issue? 


For more information, please reach out to Festival Director, Emily Schuss,  at eschuss@columbusjcc.org or (614) 559-6205

Screening windows vary. Please make sure to check days and times on each film. Links for films & Q&A sessions will be sent to your email after you purchase your tickets. Please check your spam folder.

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