Florlyn Freedman Women’s Health Center Dedication

Floryn Freedman's friends gather to honor her memory at Health Center

Florlyn Freedman’s friends gather to honor her memory at Health Center

Florlyn Freedman was a member of the JCC for more than 62 years. She began as a volleyball player when the Center on College Avenue first opened. A lifetime regular at the JCC, Freedman could usually be found working out or lounging and chatting in the health club with friends. According to her niece, Rhonda Freedman Brazina, “The Center was a pillar in her life. The Center, appropriately named, was the ‘Center’ of her social life. It was important to her wellbeing—physical, spiritual, and mental.”

Florlyn could often be found in the outdoor pool in the summer, swimming laps, even into her more recent years, when she could not keep up her rigorous workout routine, but was still able to find time to come to the JCC and visit with her friends. On September 24, 2012, the JCC was the last place she visited before her hospitalization and eventual death.

Newly Installed Plaque of Floryn Freedman in the Women's Health Center

Newly Installed Plaque of Florlyn Freedman in the Women’s Health Center

Now, Freedman’s name graces the halls of her second home. The newly updated Florlyn Freedman Women’s Health Center lounge has been named in memory of her. Freedman’s friends, Elisa Hornstein and Barbara Kolada, also shared in a recent letter memorializing their friend that, “The Health Center at the JCC is the place we met Florlyn Freedman, the woman who became one of our best friends. When it came time to say goodbye to our dear, dear friend, there was no more fitting place to hold her shiva than at the JCC. I’m sure that anyone who knew her cannot enter the Health Center and not still feel her presence there.”


Freedman’s Friends Elisa Hornstein and Barbara Kolada Remember their Dear Friend.

Freedman’s blessed memory lives on in the newly appointed Florlyn Freedman Women’s Health Center lounge, where a dedication was held the morning of Sunday, November 3. A delicious brunch buffet was served and friends and family gathered to commemorate the Women’s Health Center and share their stories and memories of her.