Give Generously…For Their Future

The kids attending Winter Break Camp at the JCC sure are enjoying themselves. One day last week, Joe Blankenship led the children in conducting several experiments – they dropped food coloring into milk to see how liquids disperse; created soap bubbles filled with carbon dioxide and water vapor from dry ice, went “ice fishing” for ice cubes in a pail of water, determined how much liquid a diaper could hold, wrote secret messages in “invisible” ink, and even blew out a candle with the gas created by combining vinegar and baking soda. Sounds fun, huh?

Sounds like it just might interest a kid in becoming a scientist, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t you like to be a part of helping them toward that career path? You can – just by donating to the Children’s Scholarship Fund at the JCC!

“The Children’s Scholarship Fund at the JCC helps families be able to send their kids to the JCC Summer Camp, Kaleidoscope (which operates the Winter Break Camp, After-School Programs, and School’s Out Days), and the JCC Preschools,” said Ralph Rothschild, JCC Scholarships coordinator and Member Services Associate. “In this current economy, just about everyone is in need of a little assistance, and we do what we can – but we can’t guarantee that we will have the funds available to award scholarships. That is why it is so imperative that we have sponsors willing to donate to the Children’s Scholarship Fund.”

By donating to the Children’s Scholarship Fund, you help families send their children to the JCC Summer Camps, which provide a safe, nurturing environment where campers gain self-esteem, confidence, learn new skills and tackle new challenges, as well as try new activities and gain a love for the outdoors with meaningful Jewish experiences.

By donating to the Children’s Scholarship Fund, you help families enroll their children in the JCC Early Childhood program, which provides the first Jewish experience for young children, and nourishes a child’s natural curiosity and excitement while allowing each child to develop at his or her own pace.

And, by donating to the Children’s Scholarship Fund, you help a family send their future scientist to a Kaleidoscope program, where they will be able to explore not only science, but also arts and crafts, indoor and outdoor sports, and imaginative play.

Who knows? Maybe someday, one of these future scientists might just make a breakthrough that would help everyone around the globe – all thanks to you!

Please donate today!