JCC Member Exceeds Fitness Goals

Fit BenCongratulations to JCC member Ben Bass, who recently achieved his weight loss goal of losing over 50 lbs. With the help of JCC trainers Carlie Snyder and Paige Boyer, he surpassed his initial fitness benchmarks and, as Ben explained, to the delight of his doctor, has reduced his cholesterol, blood pressure, and BMI, going down six pants sizes.

“I’m thrilled with the results. Everything is where it should be. My metabolic age dropped by over 30 years—it’s almost 20 years younger than I actually am,” said Ben.

In addition to personal training, Ben also has utilized Carlie’s background in nutrition to make significant changes to his diet. Following her advice, “Fit Ben,” as he is now nicknamed, has also lowered his body fat to 12% and reduced his waist circumference by 10 inches.

Ben’s fitness journey began a little less than a year ago. He celebrates his one-year anniversary of training with Carlie next Wednesday, July 15. He plans to continue his fitness regimen of doing one hour of cardio seven days a week, training with Carlie twice a week and Paige once a week, and participating in Pilates Reformer classes and other light training at least once a week.

Doing this “keeps me motivated,” he explained. “I work much harder when I’m with a trainer. I’m non-stop with those trainers for an hour. I had no idea how to properly lift weights or use the machines before. Carlie’s also really toned me a lot; now I have muscles that I never had before. That’s a great bonus. Because you feel better, you look better in your clothes, in a bathing suit.”

With hard work, determination, and dedication, the kind of fitness success Ben found at the JCC is achievable. “He’s an inspiration to others,” Carlie explained.

“I definitely use him as an example of how a goal to lose 50-70 lbs. is not unreachable. But Ben shows how much work it actually takes. He’s done more work than anyone I’ve ever trained in the last nine years. I’ve never had anyone come in and do an hour of cardio before an hour training session with me. He’s completely turned his life around,” added Carlie.

Asked what advice he has for others just starting out in their commitment to reaching fitness and weight loss goals, Ben suggested scheduling an appointment with Carlie first. “She’s a fantastic trainer. She pushes you so you feel like you want to do it. She can either take you on as a client or she can recommend somebody if you’re looking for a particular style. Her nutrition and diet advice is every bit as important as the exercise component. I thought that I could just exercise it off, but I learned very quickly that I had to change my diet a lot, too.”

The best part about reaching his goals has been the visible result, Ben said. “I kept having to get smaller and smaller clothes, and that was encouraging. As I was going down in sizes, Carlie kept telling me to get rid of the old clothes that were too big. ‘Just give them away.’ She said, ‘Don’t ever keep those clothes, because you’re never going back.’”

And the best part about working out at the JCC? “I never get bored. Whether it’s personal training on the weight machines or using the Pilates Reformer, it’s always different. The training sessions go by so fast, it’s just amazing. I love it.”

To schedule a training session or fitness assessment and consultation with the JCC’s knowledgeable personal training staff, please contact Fitness Director Jason Goggins at 559-6237 or Assistant Fitness Director Beth McCullough at 559-6207.