JCC New Albany Dedicates Library

On Dec. 16, Ali and Andy Senser dedicated the library at JCC New Albany in memory of their beloved grandmother, Billie Goldberg (z”l).In attendance was Reese Senser (in pink-and-gray top), the great-granddaughter of Billie, who recently enjoyed having a book read to her in the library with some of her friends.

“Billie Goldberg was an avid reader and lover of all books,” said Allison Senser, Reese’s mother and Billie’s granddaughter, during the dedication ceremony. “As most Jewish grandmothers go, she was incredibly loving and supportive. She specialized in Chollent and Matzah Ball soup, and always had a warm and inviting smile on her face.”

“Billie Goldberg was the great-grandmother of Reese Billie Senser, who currently is in the Rainbow Room at the JCC New Albany Preschool. Although Reese never knew her, she is named for her and shares ‘Baba Billie’s’ love of books, people, and Jewish culture,” she said.

“It is with great honor that the Goldberg and Senser families dedicate the JCC New Albany library in the memory of Billie Goldberg,” said Allison.

For more information on how to become involved with the Billie Goldberg Library or other Northeast programs, contact JCC New Albany Preschool Director Nancy Thoman at nthoman@columbusjcc.org, or (614) 855-4885.