New Kosher Catering for Patients at Grant


The JCC is proud to announce a new partnership with OhioHealth creating a kosher catering program to adult hospitals in Columbus. Meals are prepared, packaged, and sealed at the JCC under the supervision of Buckeye Kosher, and are then delivered to OhioHealth Grant Medical Center where they are readily available for patients who require a kosher meal. There are six options available for lunch and dinner and three breakfast options. Meals are available for patients and their guests through the room service menu.

“This came about as a desire to provide more robust kosher services in the community. There simply weren’t enough kosher options for the patients,” said Arnold Good, M.D., an interventional cardiologist at Grant and a driving force behind the program. Good, teaming up with two other doctors, Harlan Meyer, M.D., and Andrew Bokor, M.D., had a conversation with the administration at Grant about the need for more kosher options for patients at adult hospitals. “We saw an opportunity to provide improved services for patients in the kosher community and a great partnership between OhioHealth and the JCC came out of that,” Good added.

Matan Gutwaks, the catering and rentals manager at the JCC, met with the head of Grant’s food program, and they worked to create a menu that could always be readily available to patients.

“The idea is to get a fresh meal to the kosher community,” Gutwaks said, “and that there is always a kosher option available to the patients.”

Good gives a lot of credit to OhioHealth and Grant for the partnership. “I’ve been really pleased and impressed. I’m really proud of both organizations to realize our vision that could be rather special. The JCC is such a key player in the community, provides so many special services and resources, and really was the place to go to be creative about this,” Good said, “OhioHealth deserves a lot of credit to have the understanding that there are communities of faith that need some additional attention and services and I think that appreciating diversity allows them to meet those needs.

Since the program rolled out April 1, Good has received feedback from his patients. “It’s always one of the first questions I ask – do you want a kosher meal?”

Gutwaks and Good both look forward to expanding the menu and the awareness of the availability of kosher meals at Grant. “There are resources now available at the hospital to provide for faith-based dietary restrictions. As awareness is raised and demand is increased, I hope to expand the menu to meet the needs of patients for fresh, nutritious, kosher food,” Gutwaks said.

For more information about the kosher program in partnership with OhioHealth, contact Matan Gutwaks at 614-559-6276.