Massage Therapy

Massage Therapists

Ease your body and mind.

Reduce stress, relieve pain and sleep better. The JCC now offers the benefits of massage therapy to members.

The JCC has several highly qualified male and female massage therapists trained in all techniques, such as Swedish Massage, Neuromuscular-Myofascial Therapy, and Trigger Point and Pre-Natal Massage. A 30-minute session starts at $43 for Health Center members ($53 for general members) and discounts apply when you purchase a package of 10 sessions. (Note: All massage packages expire one year from purchase date.)

Make a massage appointment today by calling (614) 559-6274 or (614) 559-6201.


Meet our JCC Massage Therapists

Lisa Adams

Lisa graduated from the Massage Therapy from the American Institute of Alternative Medicine in  Columbus, OH.  She has been a Licensed Massage Therapist and practicing massage for 9 years.  Lisa specializes in Sport and Deep Tissue, Medical, Therapeutic, Myofascial Release, Pre Natal and Post Natal, and Fibromyalgia Massage.

Bill Drake

Bill has been a practicing and licensed massage therapists for over 22 years.  He also practices his massage therapy at Grant Hospital Fitness Center and at The Ohio State University Athletic Department.  Bill specializes in Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Medical, Trigger Point Therapy, Neuromuscular, Myofascial Release, Lymphatic Drainage.

Tom Saltsman

Tom earned his degree at the Midwest Massage College in Columbus Ohio.  Tom has been a licensed massage therapist for 19 years.  He specializes in Myofascial Release, Therapeutic, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, Body Repositioning techniques, Energy work, Reflexology, and Sports massage.

Connie Walker

Connie received her Massage degree at the American Institute of Alternative Medicine in Columbus, OH. She has been licensed and practicing massage for 13 years. She specializes in Neuromuscular Therapy, Medical, Fibromyalgia, Myofascial Release, Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Pre and Post Natal, Trigger Point massages.

Robert Schwartzwalder

Robert received his Massage therapy education, at The Academy Of Palm Beach in West Palm Beach, Florida. He has been a Licensed Massage Therapist and has been practicing massage for 9 years.   He specializes in several modes of massage: Therapeutic; Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage,  Flexibility/Mobility/ROM; Stress Reduction; Trigger Point; Pain Management.