One of a Kind, JCC-Inspired Graeter’s Flavor To Be Unveiled in May

Thank you to Graeter’s for helping make our 100th Birthday Kick-Off such a hit. The line for the creamy, French Pot ice cream wrapped around the lobby on Sunday. Children and adults alike eagerly waited for a bowl of chocolate or vanilla Graeter’s ice cream and their chance to guess the new mystery flavor Graeter’s created especially for the JCC, to be revealed in May at the JCC 100 Grand Celebration.

In honor of our 100th birthday, Graeter’s created a special edition flavor inspired by our shared sense of community, strong family values, and love of tradition.

For now, the flavor will remain a mystery, but we can have fun guessing what the new flavor might be. A contest to guess the new flavor began at the 100th Birthday Kick-Off Party, and creative guesses were aplenty.

Guesses ranged from traditional Jewish cooking-inspired flavors like kugel and challah to Israel-inspired ideas like pomegranate chip, blueberry and peppermint (blue and white), blue sprinkle star, and even a flavor which, when abbreviated, stands for the JCC, “JUST Chocolate-y Chocolate.”

Winners of the contest will be revealed in May, following the flavor’s unveiling. Best guessers will be awarded a Graeter’s gift certificate.

While flavor-creators were tight-lipped on the subject of what’s specifically in the new flavor, they were able to reveal a few exciting hints. Like all Graeter’s flavors, this one will feature all-natural ingredients and hand-crafted quality. If you love Graeter’s best-selling, signature flavor, Black Raspberry Chip, then you will love the new flavor.

The naturally sourced, refined mystery flavor will entice both adult palates and those of children. Graeter’s uses only the highest quality ingredients, like fresh cream from farms that pledge not to use artificial growth hormones (rBST), 100% cane sugar, and no hydrogenated oils or trans fats. The French Pot production process Graeter’s has used for generations in creating its unique ice cream will also be used in creating this one of a kind flavor for the JCC.

The exclusive JCC flavor will be revealed at a dessert reception following the Michael Feinstein concert on May 23. It will be available in all of Graeter’s 29 Ohio ice cream retail stores and online while quantities last. The flavor will also be available in all 10 of the central Ohio stores through the end of June. For the JCC and the surrounding neighborhood stores in Bexley, Dublin, and Gahanna, the flavor will remain in stores for the entire summer and possibly into October, while supplies last.