Online Registration

Register Today!

Check out our online registration system which allows you to not only register for camp, classes & programs but also:

-Check your account balance

-Update your contact information

-View your transaction history

-Make a payment

-And more!

Once your account is created you’ll be ready to register for a program and view and update your information. It’s that simple!  If you need account information don’t hesitate to call our member services department at 614-559-6227/6229.

How to create an online account:

1.  You just need your MAIN member number, MAIN member birthday, and home address zip code ready to verify your membership at the login screen.
2.  Visit https://online.spectrumng.net/jcccolumbus to create your login account. Click “Do not have a login?” This will take you to a screen that prompts you to supply the verification information above. Once you enter the information, click continue.
3.  Create a username and password and provide your email address.
4.  When you have successfully created your online account, you can click the round home button to get back to the landing page and begin enrolling in programs.

NOTE: You are considered an inactive member if you have a balance on your account. You will be able to create a login but will not be able to register for programs. You may view your account from the landing page (Account Information) and make a payment online to bring your balance current.

How to register for programs on the Columbus JCC website:

1.  Log in to your JCC online account. On the landing page, select the Program Registration section.
2.  Select the program category for which you are registering.
3.  Select the program you want.
4.  Click “Add to Cart.”
5.  Choose the family member to register for this program.
6.  Click “Continue Shopping” or “Continue to Cart.”
7.  If continuing shopping, go back and choose additional programs.
8.  If continuing to cart, pay in full. If you have a credit card on file, please select the card you would like to use. If you do not have a credit card on file, you will be prompted to provide one.