JCC College Avenue, JCC New Albany, JCC North

Position Summary:

Assist the Lead Teacher in providing and supervising safe activities which promote the emotional, social, intellectual and physical development of the children.


1. Knowledge and Education – Minimum Required or Preferred: High School Diploma (or GED); some post high school education in early childhood development or similar field preferred.
2. Experience – Minimum Required or Preferred: Previous experience working with young children; two years minimum preferred.
3. Special skills: Sincerely enjoy and value children and their education
4. Physical Requirements: Young children are very active. To teach young children effectively and keep them safe, the teacher must be physically able to keep up with children.

a. Be able to lift up to 25 pounds: Move a child during an emergency; lift/carry child to quiet area during outbursts.
b. Be able to run: Reach a child quickly / protect a child during an emergency; participate in physical play with children to keep them engaged.
c. Be able to sit on the floor: Young children play on the floor. Teachers must be able to interact with children on their level. Because young children explore and change activities frequently, teachers must be physically able to get off the floor and sit back down easily.
d. Stamina: Young children move constantly throughout their day. Teachers must be able to maintain the same level of energy throughout the day.
e. Activities: Able to participate in outdoor and indoor activities.

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Utilize classroom folder with lesson plans and information about the classroom children for
• Assist the lead, co-lead and/or assistant teacher to follow the classroom plan and execute a program of developmentally appropriate early childhood education experiences including art, music, movement, math, science and language, with an emphasis on implementing the JCC Jewish Curriculum, Creative Curriculum, and Step Up to Quality Standards in the classrooms.
• Assist the lead, co-lead and /or assistant teacher to provide and supervise activities which promote the emotional, social, intellectual and physical development of each child.
• Assist the lead, co-lead and/or assistant teacher to provide and maintain a neat, organized classroom, with a learning center focus; take responsibility for upkeep of all educational equipment and materials.
• Write and post activities daily on the wipe board outside the classroom door.
• Maintain confidentiality regarding children and families.
• Supervise all activities to insure safety of each child at all times, complete incident or illness reports and communicate information to Director immediately.
• Greet each child and parent warmly and in a friendly manner each morning upon arrival.
• If asked, attend the Discover CATCH workshop.
• Participate in Jewish learning opportunities as provided by supervisor and other JCC staff, and use the
Judaic curriculum and An Ethical Start as a guideline for Jewish learning in the classroom and in lesson
• Participate actively in specialty classes.
• If asked, attend staff workshops and training opportunities, dates of which will be announced.
• Attend day and evening staff meetings as required by director.
• Naptime is allocated for JCC work not personal business. Acceptable activities for staff working during
naptime in the classroom while infants / toddlers are sleeping include: Newsletters, changing bulletin boards, cleaning countertops, toys, etc. Unacceptable activities for staff during this time include:
Sleeping, dozing, meditating, use of personal data devices (including, but not limited to, texting, Facebook, twitter, etc.), and reading (ECE related reading acceptable) etc.
• Maintain safe and clean classroom environment
• Maintain a professional demeanor.
• Maintain neat and clean appearance.
• Respect all co-workers; work with other staff members in a cooperative manner.
• Follow personnel policies of the JCCofGC and represent the JCC in a manner befitting a professional
• Maintain scheduled hours in a timely manner; notify preschool office in the event of absence.
• Submit all necessary forms and certificates related to licensing requirements in advance of the school year
and on demand.
• No PERSONAL CELL PHONE usage (including texting) during work hours.
• Facebook, My Space and any internet type personal accounts may not contain information or pictures
about children at the JCC, the JCC, or work related issues with other staff or the JCC.
• FESTIVAL DAYS: Opportunities to sub
• All other duties as assigned.


Download electronic pdf above to complete/submit application or use the form below and upload completed application, resume, and cover letter.
Alternatively, You can email your resume, cover letter, and completed application to the Human Resources Department directly at or scan/fax it along to (614) 559-6298.

The JCC is an EEO, At-Will Employer.

Apply in person at:
1125 College Avenue
Columbus, OH 43209.