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» CAMP YELADIM & ORA – 2 yrs – Entering K

» CAMP CHAVERIM – Entering K – 3rd Grade

» CAMP HOOVER – Entering 4th – 8th Grade


» CAMP ARYE – Special needs ages 5 -22

» SPECIALTY CAMPS – Entering K – 8th Grade

» COUNSELOR IN TRAINING – Entering 9th Grade and older

» CAMP STAFF – 15 yrs old and older


Before/After Care

Camp Policies & Guidelines

Have a question? Send a message to Ronnie Conn at camps@columbusjcc.org or complete the contact form at the bottom of this page


FREE CENTRALIZED COMMUNITY BUSING – Busing provided from three locations, North, New Albany and East

DAILY SWIM LESSONS – Award winning swim lessons to every camper, every day

KOSHER LUNCH AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE – Tired of packing lunch every day? J-Day Camps offer Kosher lunches on site at East location

WE HAVE THE RIGHT CAMP FOR YOUR CHILD – Whether your camper loves sports, drama, sailing, cooking or anything in between, we have a camp for them

COME EARLY, STAY LATE – Not only do all camps offer AM and PM childcare we also offer Pre- and Post-Camp for a total of 11 weeks of fun. (AM Childcare not available during Pre and Post Camp)

The JCC Summer Day Camps operate under a set of Jewish Core Values to help us achieve our Vision and Mission. These Jewish Core Values strengthen the foundation of our day camps, establish a stronger Jewish learning environment and provide set guidelines for our staff on how to plan more effectively. Furthermore, we believe campers and staff gain a stronger sense of ownership of their own Jewish exploration that can be carried over to everyday life inside and outside of camp.

Building Community | Kehillah | קהילה
Building community starts with the individual discovering a sense of self, and in turn a sense of belonging to the Jewish Community Center and Columbus Jewish Community. Belonging to something bigger than one’s self helps to form a safe space for children to grow. The importance of teamwork and sportsmanship extends throughout our camp community and beyond to our alumni and volunteers. All of these individual communities are actively engaged through programming and fundraising for the betterment of the greater community.

Connection to the Jewish People | Yisrael Klal | ישראל כלל
JCC Summer Day Camps are the perfect place to promote a sense of shared community and belonging while connecting our campers, staff and families to Judaism and Israel.

Welcoming Guests | Hachnasat Orchim | הכנסת אורחים
JCC Summer Day Camps make our campers, staff and families feel at home the minute they arrive by encouraging connections. Our welcoming environment allows everyone to feel safe, included and comfortable, heightening our campers’ experiences.

Bestowing Kindnesses | Gemilut Chasadim | גמילות חסדים
Our camps provide the opportunity for campers to be nurtured in an environment of kindness and respect. Campers, staff and families learn the importance of Gemilut Chasadim through peer modeling, positive reinforcement and creative programming.

Nurturing the Body and Soul | Shemirat Haguf Vehanefesh | שמירת הגוף והנשמה
JCC Summer Day Camps create balance in each individual’s life by nurturing each person, including spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical needs.

Contact Taryn Terwilliger, Interim 2020 Summer Camp Director