Early Childhood

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    Mobile registration for JCC programs and classes WITH THE JCC MOBILE APP you can register for programs, check account information, update payment methods, purchase tickets for special events, and access up-to-date program listings at any time, from anywhere.  You will need to create an account online before using the APP – register here. Registration for most of these programs can also be completed here. USE THE MINDBODY APP to register for group exercise classes, schedule personal training sessions, pay registration and training fees, and receive notifications and reminders. Both apps are available in the APP Store and Google Play!

    Learn about our Diamond Family Fitness Center’s Les Mills GRIT program: Intensity and results!

    Did you know that the JCC receives cash back every quarter when you shop at Kroger? All you need to do is enroll your Kroger Plus card! It’s an easy way to give back to the community. If your card is already enrolled its time to re-enroll!  Learn more>>


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Looking for a little variety or competitive challenge in your workout? Perhaps you’re interested in attending a class or finding something for your children to do after school. If so, then the JCC’s classes and programs will be of interest to you! Read more

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