“Your Jewish Body, Mind and Soul Series” to Feature Rabbi Michael Ungar

Jewish Body Mind Soul

Join Rabbi Michael Ungar on May 9 and 16 for the second and third sessions of “Your Jewish Body, Mind and Soul” held in conjunction with the JCC. Focusing on Jewish teachings about the body, mind and soul connection, this series explores what Judaism says about taking care of oneself, healing, appreciating the body and respect for what G-d has given us. The fee for the remaining two sessions is $30. Each evening includes: a nutritious, Kosher dinner catered by the JCC at 6 p.m., a lecture exploring what Judaism says about taking care of oneself at 6:45 p.m. and the use of the JCC’s Diamond Family Fitness Center following the lecture.

“For the second session, we will discuss Maimonides the Doctor. Not only was Rambam a great philosopher and expert on Jewish law, he was also a physician. We will explore some of his writings and see just how much he and others really understood about the human body back in The Middle Ages,” said Rabbi Ungar. “During the third session, we will delve into Brain Biology and Belief.  Based on the writings of Andrew Newberg, Eugene D’Aquili, Vince Rause and their book Why G-d Won’t Go Away, we will look at the latest research on how our brain is built to experience the world — and the world beyond our world.”

At the first class, participants dined on whole grain pasta with sautéed vegetables, tossed salad, rolls and fresh fruit and cookies for dessert before listening to Rabbi Ungar share teachings about the connection between the body, mind and soul.

On the menu for the second session is tilapia with fingerling potatoes, spinach sautéed with sun-dried tomatoes and shallots, a dinner roll, and for dessert, a fruit crisp with mixed berries. Guests will be served tofu with grilled marinated vegetables, a rice blend with wheat berries, a dinner roll and a baked apple in puff pastry for the last session to be held on May 16.

After the lecture on May 2, JCC personal trainers instructed participants on the use of equipment in the cardio area and offered suggestions on how to incorporate the new equipment into their workouts. Workouts for the remaining evenings of the series feature: weight training on week two and a group exercise class on week three. Participants are invited to use the Fitness Center until it closes at 10 p.m.

For more information, or to register, stop by the JCC’s Front Desk or contact Member Services Director Linda Starr at 614.559.6229.