Each JCC ECLC site has an Early Childhood Parent Committee (ECPC). The ECPC works with all parents to plan community service, teacher appreciation, community building, and social programs. Through community connections, you will gain lifelong friendships while your child is enrolled in our ECLC program. 


We provide regular communication with our parents throughout the school year. We use the following tools to communicate throughout the week: 

  • Brightwheel App: Our teachers provide daily updates through this user-friendly secure and private app. Updates include diaper changes (infant/toddlers), food/bottle intake (infant/toddlers), classroom activities, photos and videos. Lesson plans are shared through the app. Parents can reach out directly throughout the day to communicate with your child’s teachers.
  • Early News Weekly Email: A weekly newsletter with general ECLC news and program updates. Additionally there are weekly communications about overall JCC programming that go out throughout the week.
  • Social Media: Our ECLC program has a private Facebook group to share updates and fun videos from our classrooms. You are also welcome to elect your child as a no photograph child for privacy reasons, if desired.

Putting Health & Safety First

Our ECLC program upholds the highest level of health and safety standards which are reviewed by our Medical Advisor Committee comprised of leading physicians in the area of pediatric care.