Pilates Reformer

For those curious to try a new fitness routine that combines the mind/body benefits of yoga with the core-engaging vigor of Pilates, our Pilates Reformer Classes are for you!


Pilates strengthens the core, stretches the body and corrects posture through mindful breathing and disciplined movements. Clients gain flexibility, improve spinal alignment, reduce stress, and develop a healthier life and vibrant spirit.

The Pilates Reformer is a specially designed piece of equipment which allows for over 200 exercises designed to tone and lengthen muscles. Using springs and pulleys to increase the work load and assist with stretching and strengthening, Reformer classes are different from traditional mat Pilates because they work the whole body, taking the dynamic workout to a whole new level. Great for all fitness levels from beginners to athletes.

New to Reformer? Email Carlie Snyder to sign up for the intro series.

We also offer private Reformer seasons and small groups.

Want to work out with your friends in a private class? Email Carlie Snyder to set up a session.


  • $30 drop-in (one class)
  • $200 for 10 classes
  • $360 for 20 classes

For more information on Wellness, please contact Carlie Snyder, Fitness Director at csnyder@columbusjcc.org or (614) 559-6237