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 “Pilates is the complete coordination of mind, body and spirit” – Joseph Pilates 

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For those curious to try a new fitness routine that combines the mind/body benefits of yoga with the core-engaging vigor of Pilates, our Pilates Reformer Classes are for you!

Pilates strengthens the core, stretches the body and corrects posture through mindful breathing and disciplined movements.  Clients gain flexibility, improve spinal alignment, reduce stress, and develop a healthier life and vibrant spirit.

The Pilates Reformer is a specially designed piece of equipment which allows for over 200 exercises designed to tone and lengthen muscles. Using springs and pulleys to increase the work load and assist with stretching and strengthening, Reformer classes are different from traditional mat Pilates because they work the whole body, taking the dynamic workout to a whole new level.  Great for all fitness levels from beginners to athletes.

If you are new to Pilates Reformer…

Before signing up for a class, you must sign up for a mandatory intro series.  You will learn the benefits of Pilates and become familiar with the equipment with the guidance of an experienced instructor.  Those with previous experience must get instructor approval to attend a class.  To sign up for the intro series contact Austin Hudson at 559-6202 or at  ahudson@columbusjcc.org.

Group Reformer Classes
10 Sessions:  55 minute group classes for $200
20 Sessions:  55 minute group classes for $360
Drop-in Rate:  $30 per class

10:00-10:55am  – Mixed Level Reformer

10:00-10:55am – Fundamentals of Pilates
6:00-6:55pm  – Mixed Level Reformer

9:00-9:55am  – Intermediate Reformer

6:00-6:55pm – Jumpboard Interval

8:30-9:25am – Athletic Training

6:00-6:55am – Athletic Training
9:05-10:00am – Athletic Training


Classes Offered

Fundamentals of Pilates – This class focuses on the fundamentals of Pilates by incorporating basic principles and exercises with correct form. It is recommended for those new to pilates as well as experienced practitioners that want to brush up on pilates principles. This class will move at a slower pace to allow for modifications.

Athletic Training Reformer – Challenges coordination, strength, agility, and offers core conditioning up to the advanced level. Prior approval for this class is required to ensure the pace and safety of the class is maintained. INT/ADV

Mixed Level Reformer – This is a great option for clients who have limited availability and want to fit in a class around their schedule. Mixed level classes will have the intensity level of a a Level 1 class, but will offer challenges for the Level 2 clients taking the class. BEG/INT

Intermediate Reformer – Experience a faster-paced. total body workout that will leave you feeling stronger, more flexible and standing with improved body alignment! In this class you will build upon what you have learned. The exercises become more difficult, we work with small props to continue to challenge the body and we work on transition and fluidity. Clients should be injury free or able to modify as needed. INT/ADV

Jumpboard Interval Reformer – This is a mix of classic reformer exercises and Jumpboard aerobic training.  INT/ADV

Private Reformer Classes

A private Pilates training session is the most effective way to learn, practice and perfect Pilates performance. The instructor devotes undivided attention to a student’s specific needs and develops a customized program to produce optimum results.

10 Sessions: General Member:$550; Health Club Member: $500
Single Session: $70

Class sign-ups will be at the fitness welcome desk.  Members may sign up one week in advance.  Members must purchase a 10 session package or a class drop-in.  A 24 hour cancellation notice is required or the member will be charged for the session. Cancellations can be done by calling the fitness welcome desk at 559-6201.

Our Instructors

Carlie Snyder: BS, AFAA, USAW, Bender Pilates Certification

Carlie Snyder has been teaching in the fitness industry for over 9 years.  She has a Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition from The Ohio State University and various fitness certifications. Carlie is certified in Pilates Mat and Reformer by Bender Pilates and has been teaching it for over 4 years. She has an athletic background and teaches a challenging reformer class. Between personal training and Pilates Reformer, Carlie has experience working with almost every type of body and individual from the severely obese to the high school athlete to the average exerciser. She gives many modifications throughout her class so all fitness levels will get a changeling and safe workout. Carlie is also a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and the coordinator of the Group Fitness Program here at the JCC.

Joyelle Fobbs: STOTT Pilates Certification

Joyelle Fobbs is a fully certified STOTT Pilates instructor on Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrels, and all other assorted supplemental Pilates equipment. Foundationally trained in NYC and Detroit, she teaches Pilates to all ages and abilities.   As a certified instructor for 9 years with 12 years in the fitness industry, Joyelle has been teaching group, duet, and private Pilates and Dance classes and been on staff as a Pilates and fitness trainer at the University of Michigan, The Ohio State University, My Pilates Studio of Dayton, Five Seasons Fitness and Tennis Clubs, Trilogy Pilates, and taught numerous Pilates workshop classes and private rehabilitative sessions. Joyelle has taken special courses in Rehabilitation for knees, ankles, and hips, foam roller, Athletic training, Men’s fitness, Reiki, Qi gong, Yoga for Dancers, Alexander Technique, as well as the American Ballet Theatre Teaching workshops in NYC. Currently, Joyelle teaches in the Department of Dance at the Ohio State University and at the BalletMET’s Dance Academy.

Megan Davis Bushway

Megan is a dance and movement educator based in Columbus, OH. As a Pilates Instructor, Megan integrates her passion for self-care, fundamental movement, and somatic practices into her classes. She currently teaches Pilates and Ballet for Every Body at Core Poetry, and is a Teaching Artist in VSA’s Adaptation, Integration, & the Arts program. Davis received an MFA in Dance at The Ohio State University and a BA in Art Therapy and Dance from Springfield College.

Courtney Demkowicz: BBA, Physical Therapist Assistant, Polestar Pilates

Courtney has been teaching Pilates for over five years. She is comprehensively trained through Polestar Pilates and has taught functional movement on reformers in an orthopedic outpatient setting for the last five years. As an instructor, Courtney is committed to the art of intelligent movement and to the health and well-being of her clients. Courtney also holds a Bachelors degree in business from Texas A&M University.

For more information regarding our Pilates Reformer classes or our other fitness classes contact Austin Hudson at 559-6202 or at ahudson@columbusjcc.org.