Teen Programs


B’nai Brith Youth Organization (BBYO) is a worldwide Jewish Youth Movement dedicated to providing opportunities for Jewish teens in grades 9 through 12. As the first and the most dynamically inclusive organization of its kind, every Jewish teen, of all backgrounds, anywhere in the world, will find an experience that provides the foundation for a meaningful Jewish life.

In BBYO, youth leaders plan community service, Judaic, social action, brotherhood/sisterhood, athletic and social programs for their peers. Through their participation, BBYO members develop leadership potential, a positive Jewish identity, and commitment to their personal development.



Columbus BBYO currently hosts 3 chapters, two AZA (boys) and one BBG (girls): Heart of Ohio AZA, Pops Dworkin/Saul Kauffman AZA, and Aliah BBG. Each chapter meets once a week for teen-led meetings and programs. Columbus BBYO is part of the Kentucky-Indiana-Ohio Region of BBYO, and participates in many regional conventions throughout the year.

For more information, contact Adam at apolacek@bbyo.org, (614) 559-6218 office, or (321) 662-4693 cell. Become a member of Columbus BBYO at www.bbyo.org.

2020 Teen Awards

Tuesday | April 22nd | 7PM