Traction Rec

The JCC of Greater Columbus has implemented a new CRM software called Traction Rec.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, and this tool is used across organizations to help better connect and engage with members in the community. Through the use of Traction Rec, everything for our members will be more integrated than ever before! 

So what does this change mean for you?

Easier access to all things JCC- including program registrations, appointment scheduling, purchasing of personal training packages, account overviews, access into the building and much more. 

For now, nothing changes for our members. Beginning in January 2021, members will have a new portal for online access called Community.

Still to come for Members at Families at the College Avenue ECS campus: BRIVO Mobile Pass access to the facility and preschool wing.


Sneak peak of what to look forward to:

E Register for programs for all of your family members.
E Seamlessly keep track of your membership and account information through any web browser.
E Access to facilities through Brivo Mobile Pass. (Coming Soon!)
E Purchase, schedule and book appointments for personal services such as personal training and massage. (Coming Soon!)
E Change payment methods on your account 
E Manage your membership payments and make donations all within Traction Rec’s secure accounting software.

Video Tutorials for Using Columbus JCC Community Portal

Account Creation Tutorial

Program Registration Tutorial