Summer Camp

Expert Care and Abounding fun at the JCC

Every Camper will have an unrivaled and remarkable summer at JCC Summer Camp.

Serving Campers ages 3 – Grade 8

Jewish Core Values

The JCC Summer Day Camps operate under a set of Jewish Core Values to help us achieve our Vision and Mission. These values strengthen the foundation of our day camps, establish a stronger Jewish learning environment, and provide set guidelines for our staff on how to plan more effectively. Furthermore, we believe campers and staff gain a stronger sense of ownership of their own Jewish exploration that can be carried over to everyday life inside and outside of camp.

This starts with the camper discovering a sense of self, and in turn a sense of belonging to the JCC & Community. Belonging to something bigger than one’s self helps to form a safe space for children to grow.

We make our campers, staff, and families feel at home the minute they arrive by encouraging connections. Our welcoming environment allows everyone to feel safe, included and comfortable, heightening our campers’ experiences.

Our camps are the perfect place to promote a sense of shared community and belonging while connecting our campers, staff & families to Judaism and Israel.

We create balance in each individual’s life by nurturing each person, including spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical needs.

We provide the opportunity for campers to be nurtured in an environment of kindness and respect. Campers, staff and families learn the importance of kindness through peer modeling, positive reinforcement, and creative programming.

Summer 2021 planning is well underway.

As the JCC has more information about what summer 2021 will look like, plans and programs will be here.If you have any immediate questions, please contact Ronnie Conn, COO, at or (614) 559-6260